wont be posting v much until saturday bc no wifi where im staying in wales.

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unless it’s an au, the doctor would never give up traveling around the universe to live with someone on earth while being in a committed relationship.

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A study in cause and effect

 a smile from Rose Tyler

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xninths is a gem for the dw roleplay community. it is so rare to find someone who picks such a complex muse & does them such justice. i will forever admire their ability to portray one of my favorite regenerations & i ADORE all the music they post.

- Anon

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i’d love to interact with all of you new followers, but you’ll have to wait until i get back from the united kingdom in august

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100 Days of Music (Day 17)
 ↳"Spaceman" by The Killers
And the zipping white light beams,
Disregards the bombs and satellites..
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hi hello i have a pet peeve. askbox is here; you’re free to it as always.

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arrived in Scotland!

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Right, so I’m going on hiatus from the 17th (later in the day), until the 4th/5th of August because I’m going away to the United Kingdom to visit relatives.

This hiatus applies to all of my blogs, which are: Quippage, Scxrhead, Dontgoalxne, droppedveil and xninths. I will probably be posting (very rarely) on my personal (earthshocks) or xninths. 

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